My Dad Jurgen received a letter from the army in 1958, which prompted him to leave his German homeland on his bicycle, alone. Heading south he left Europe and headed overland through the Middle East and Asia, arriving in Indonesia to visit the grave of his grandfather August.

Jurgen Lett approximately 19 years old

August Lett, Jurgen’s grandfather also left his German homeland to travel the world. He did so as a missionary, a scholar who learned 8 languages and a devout Christian.  In 1909 he was killed by a local man in the Mentawai islands, Indonesia, while negotiating on behalf of the Dutch.

August Lett, circa 1900

This is the story of Jurgen and August.  Of the generations before and after, and the journeys of leaving home and coming back, or not. And of the people they met, who fed them, who they fell in love with, who built them a bicycle or showed them another way of living. And of my journey as the son of Jurgen, to find these people and the marks they left.